Monday, October 27, 2008


On to the Silk Screen (Printing):

We've tried it out and there a vision in our head that we wanted to accomplish but the closes one we could do was among these 4. We chose the last one:

Final Decision.

Final Sketch

Finally! and with the changed background!:

First sketch

This was our first sketch before we move to the Pinup girls and theater:

Additional Research

After that the Mind Map. We decided on Pin up Girls and Victorian style at first but did not seem to fit the theme that we were aiming for so we decided to stick with the second choice;Pin up Girls and theather, which we found was closer to retro style other than the usual big Afro hair and Saturday night fever.

Additional research from Summer:

Uncommon from the common.

Our main theme is Retro but to make something out of the theme. We were to discover creativity out of the box. It was fun making this mind maps.



Sue Ann:

Sorry. I know it is not very clear but it is the biggest I could put up but from a clear point. You could see what we have already come up and have decided on.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Second Sketch

After more discussions, we felt that the previous retro wallpaper design was not good enough. So Joanne came out with a second sketch.

We decided to use this design instead but change the background.

First Illustration

So we drew it out and then did it on illustration. This is how it looks after our illustration.